48 Inch Barrier

Available Lengths

25 ft. & 50 ft.

Fill Time

28-57 min. See chart below.

Material Protection

UV, fire, chemical & mold resistant.

Price (CDN)

Call for pricing.

Product Description

Our 48 inch high barriers are currently available in 2 lengths, 25 ft. and 50 ft.

All 48 inch barriers are available utilising our heavier weight material.

All barriers feature and attached skirt at one end for attaching an additional barrier for increased barrier wall length, and all barriers have top-mounted but offset fill ports to allow the barriers to be stacked for increased height.

Additional features include handles on the longer barriers, belt loops and multiple fill and drain ports.

Included accessories are quick links, multiple ports, port plugs and 2 inch ball valves and multiple drain ports. Also standard are our patch kits, 2 year limited warranty and instructions.

All our barriers are UV protected, fire resistant, chemical resistant, and mold resistant.

Why struggle with sandbags that may that may become contaminated and must be discarded or waste money on self-rising chemical barriers which have a limited shelf life and may not perform when deployed.

Rapid Barriers can be used multiple times, last for many years and can be filled by garden hose or pump.

Four Feet of Height Protection  
Barrier NameRBS-4/25RBS-4/50
Approx. size48"H x 25'L x 72"W48"H x 50'L x 72"W
Approximate Volume (litres) 2038840776
Approximate Volume (US Gallons) 538610772
cubic feet + 20% allowance for expansion7201440
Est. fill time in minutes(5/8" unrestricted garden hose)PUMP RECOMMENDED PUMP RECOMMENDED
Est. fill time in minutes( 2 inch hose from pump)28 minutes57 minutes
Dry weight (kg / lbs. - barrier only)81kg/178140kg/308 lbs
Water filled weight and barrier weight combined (kg / lbs.)20,498kg/45,106 lbs40,954 kg/90,207 lbs
Est. set-up time in minutes (single barrier, before filling)<8<12
Suggested number of workers23
Can be extended to any lengthyesyes
2" drain ports included33
2" fill ports included22
2" ball valves included22
2" port caps/or plugs included44
Soft carry handles (number of pairs) included12
Re-inforced corners includedyesyes
Skirt attached (at one end)yesyes
Radio frequency welding at selected locations includedyesyes
2 inch welds includedyesyes
Instructions includedyesyes
Accessories Included:
Threaded extension pipe includedyesyes
Permanent patch kit includedyesyes
Chain Links yesyes
Teflon tapeyesyes
Optional Accessories:
Skirt insert-HDPE Sheet5' x 4'5' x 4'
Heavy Duty Ground Stakes -Plastic16"16"
Optional ground sheet - heavy weight - blue/white4.5 m x 3.5 m4.5 m x 3.5 m
Optional top sheet -4.5 m x 3.5 m4.5 m x 3.5 m
medium weight -blue/silver


Protect your property with affordable barriers that are quick and easy to set up. Simply fill with water!