72 Inch Barrier

Available Lengths

25 ft. & 50 ft.

Fill Time

Pump Recommended.

Material Protection

UV, fire, chemical & mold resistant.

Price (CDN)

Call for pricing.

Product Description

Our Premium 72 inch high barriers are currently available in 2 lengths, 25 ft. and 50 ft.

They may be used for flood control or cofferdams.

All Premium 72 inch barriers are available utilising our heavier weight material.

These barriers are 108 inches in width and the effective seepage control is equivalent to a barrier 216 inches wide when used in conjunction with the standard attached apron; the weight of the water flowing over the apron helps with the sealing process. Weights and ground stakes can be utilized to keep the apron in position as water flows over the apron.

All barriers feature a skirt at one end for attaching an additional barrier for increased barrier wall length.

The apron is sealed to the bottom of the barrier which doubles the thickness of the barrier floor for enhanced protection against damage by abrasion.

The apron advances 108 inches from the barrier itself, thus helping to seal the area from ground seepage when the flowing waters run overtop the apron.

Additional features include handles, belt loops and multiple fill and drain ports. Additionally, these barriers come equipped with 36 ft x 2 “ heavy duty cam buckles straps with heavy duty hooks with closures, which can be used as self-tensioning straps

Included accessories are quick links, two ports, multiple drain ports, port plugs and 2 inch ball valves.

Also standard are our patch kits, 2 year limited warranty and instructions.

All our barriers are UV protected, fire resistant, chemical resistant, and mold resistant.

Rapid Barriers can be used multiple times, last for many years.

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Protect your property with affordable barriers that are quick and easy to set up. Simply fill with water!