Barrier Kits

Available Lengths

6 ft. & 12.5 ft.

Fill Time

3 – 14 minutes.

Material Protection

UV, fire, chemical & mold resistant.

Price (CDN)

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Dual Barrier Description

For low level flood protection, RBS offer 5 1/2inch water inflatable dual barriers in 6 and 12 ½ ft lengths.

These dual barriers resist rolling on elevations of up to approximately 22 degrees.

The 6 ft lengths are designed for basement windows and doors and the longer 12 ½ ft lengths can protect sliding doors and single car garages. Sleeves are available to increase the length if necessary. These barriers are not designed to be stackable.

Dual Barriers

8 inch x 20 foot Oval Premium Barrier Kit

Our newest barrier features an attached apron which provides superior protection against water seepage, and because it is attached to the bottom of the barrier it effectively doubles the thickness of the barrier floor thus providing superior protection against damage by abrasion.

It is featured on You Tube here: View Video

Barrier Kits   
Specialty BarrierDual Barrier*Dual Barrier*Oval Barrier
Barrier NameDB-5/6DB-5/12RBS-8/20
Size5.5" H X 6' L X 10" W5.5 H X 12'L X 10" W8" H X 20' L X 28" W
Volume (litres)n/an/an/a
Dry weight (barrier only, lbs) 3.756.624
Shipping Weight (lbs) 6.611.424.8
Box size10" x 12" x 12"10" x 12" x 14"n/a
Est. set-up time in minutes (single barrier, before filling)223
Est. fill time in minutes(5/8" unrestricted garden hose)3414
Water filled weight (kg / lbs.)n/an/an/a
Suggested number of workers111
Side skirt with grometts (4)**nonoyes
Can be extended to any lengthyesyesyes
2" drain ports included111
2" fill ports included111
2" ball valves included111
2" port caps/plugs included222
Soft carry handles (number of pairs) includednonono
Reinforced corners includednonono
Threaded extension pipe includedyesyesyes
Quick patch tape includedyesyesyes
Permanent patch kit includednonono
Radio frequency welding at selected locations includedyesyesyes
2 inch welds includedyesyesyes
Ground sheet - mediumweight - nonoyes
Chain Linksnonoyes
12" medium duty tent pegs (4)nonoyes
Instructions includedyesyesyes
Warranty1 year1 year1 year
Extension SleeveYesYesNo
Extension Sleeve/hdpe insertNoNoYes
* Dual barriers resist rolling-to approximately 22 degree angle
** side skirts help hold the barrier in place using the weight of water
side skirt come equipped with grometts which may be used with tent pegs to further keep the barriers in place.

Oval Barriers


Protect your property with affordable barriers that are quick and easy to set up. Simply fill with water!