Water & Chemical Storage

Potable Water

We can produce custom sized barriers which may feature some or all of the items shown with our standard barriers.

As these are not stock items, the delivery time will vary with the current demands at our plant.

Please note that our standard Rapid Barriers are not approved for potable water storage within the barrier.

Potable water storage can be provided using a closed container such as the one below provided it is made of an approved material. Rapid Barrier Systems can supply a closed container using an approved material. This would be a Custom manufacture.

Closed Container

Closed containers can be used for non-potable water and chemical storage.

Sizes may vary according to the requirements of the client.

For further information, please contact Rapid Barrier Systems Inc.

Open Storage

For potable water, non-potable water and chemicals.

Our barriers can be formed in the shape of an open pool and then lined with an approved polyethylene liner. The photo below shows two 25 foot x 24” high barriers, each in an “L shape forming a rectangle 15 feet long by 10 feet wide, then lined with a polyethylene sheet. The resulting container (which can be covered over), can store 300 cubic feet of water, 2,244 US gallons/8,495 litres. Vary the size of the barriers for different results.


Protect your property with affordable barriers that are quick and easy to set up. Simply fill with water!