protect your property
with affordable barriers
With filling completed in just minutes, our medium size 50 ft barriers replace up to 753 sandbags*;
that’s over 11 tons of sand. Sandbag dike – how many sandbags do you need?
INNOVATION, Right Here Constructed of industrial strength material, the barriers are long-lasting, reusable,
and fill in minutes with a typical home garden hose and water supply.

Quality & Safety

Only using top quality materials
and following strict guidelines.

Professional Team

Specialists working together to design innovative quality products.

Leading Technology

Innovations to help you protect your property using water.

Rapid Barrier Systems Inc. – Customer focused and with an uncompromising commitment to quality!

Rapid Barrier Systems Inc. provides water inflatable barriers of a superior design over standard cylindrical water inflatable barriers for sale in Canada and United States.

For example, our standard 24 inch (high) barrier is 36 inches wide; because it is rectangular, it has better ground contact, resulting in greater seepage protection over standard 24 inch cylindrical barriers.

We used 40% more material to achieve this effect.

And while we used attached skirts at one end to accommodate end-to-end connections to achieve continuous length, we are the only supplier of inflatable barriers to utilize high density polyethylene sheets to ensure that barrier height is maintained where barriers are connected.

But our innovations don’t stop there!

We’ve added dual fill ports to protect barriers from over-filling and multiple drain ports to unload water quickly; attached loops with quick links to secure barriers together to stack barriers for increased barrier wall height;  handles for convenience, complete kits for low-level flooding protection, and aprons on some of our barriers for enhanced seepage and abrasion protection.

Water inflatable barriers can be used to divert flood waters for property protection; for shoreline restoration, sediment control, and as cofferdams to repair or construct canals, culverts and bridge repair.

Innovation however isn’t our only strength!

We believe in customer service; we just don’t say it, we believe it and we practice it!

Understanding our barrier products.


  • Port plugs: May be used to replace ball valves when required (such as winter operations)
  • Ground sheet: Recommended to protect barrier from debris, stains and sharp objects on the ground (optional extra).
  • Top sheet: Recommended to protect stacked barriers from water penetration between barriers and to protect from stains from fallen leaves and debris.
  • Apron: At the present time our 20 foot x 8 inch Oval Premium Barrier and our 72 inch high barriers are each equipped with an apron which extends out from the barrier for greater seepage protection, and it wraps underneath the barrier for better abrasion protection.
  • HDPE sheets: Cut to size to fit the various barrier heights, the semi-rigid plastic sheets are inserted into the skirt of the barrier along with the adjoining barrier (which increases the length of the barrier wall) to maintain a uniform barrier height, even at the connection point of the barriers (optional extra).
  • RF Welding: Radio frequency welding (microwave) is the best method the industry has for fabricating flexible plastic materials. We use this type of welding at the critical points of our barriers to maintain superior quality.
  • Loops and Quick Links: Loops are located along each side of the barrier and when in combination with the quick links (a supplied accessory) they can be used to belt barriers together for stacking pyramid style or to maintain a uniform tandem barrier wall.
  • Inflatable barriers can be used for water and liquid chemical storage and transport but are not approved for potable water use.

What Are Clients Are Saying



ALL barriers use industrial strength material and are
UV protected, Anti-bacterial & Fire retardent.
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Unique Design

System offers distinct advantages including
Greater stability and More ground contact.
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50% Thicker

Commercial barriers use a material that is
50% thicker than our standard models
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Easily Fillable

All barriers can be filled from a garden hose
Ports can be enlarged for special orders.
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    Custom-built barriers and water storage bags

    Protect your property with affordable barriers that are quick and easy to set up. Simply fill with water!