Frostfree Re-direction Fitting!

Stay Safe

Keep CO2 out of your home and your furnace and boiler exhaust pipe free of frost and ice!


Only 9 inches tall. Made of aluminium. Weighs only 860gm (30.4 oz.)


Material and workmanship for 10 years. Generous 60 day “no hassle” return policy.

Price (CDN)

A lifetime of protection for your home, just $179.95. 2 pack $319.90

Product Description

  • Patented Frostfree Re-direction Fitting!
  • This patented simple device channels poisonous fumes asway from your furnace or boiler’s fresh air intake pipes.
  • A must for high efficiency furnaces and boilers which otherwise convey very little heat to the end of the exhaust pipe
  • Simple one screw installation-for 3-inch diameter exhaust pipes.
  • Install and forget….no maintenance required!
  • Save expensive service calls!

Keep your furnace and boiler exhaust pipe free of frost and ice!

Keep CO2 out of your home!

Anodized aluminum will last a lifetime.


  • Only 9 inches tall
  • Made of aluminium
  • Weighs only 860gm (30.4 oz.)



1) Re-direction Fitting

The exhaust gases your appliance emits contain dangerous amounts of CO2 which can be pulled into the fresh air inlet pipe of your residence, bringing toxic gases into your house. Your C02 alarm may not notice this as the C02 level is too low however all family members may be inhaling a mixture of these gases. The Oxygen level in your appliance will be reduced and this results in the appliance running in a reduced combustion situation which will drastically increase the amount of CO to 3000+ ppm (parts per million) which will get sucked back into the appliance – this may result in appliance shutdown, even costly damage.


2) Conveyor of Heat

High efficiency gas fired furnaces and boilers retain 95-98% of the heat they generate for household use.

This means that very little heat is conducted to the tip of the exhaust pipe, to keep the pipe clear of frost and ice which forms from the moisture in the gas.

The combustion gas emits water ……about 1 litre per hour for a typical furnace; In very cold temperatures this water can freeze up, plugging the outlet and blocking the gases from escaping. This results in back pressure which will force your appliance to shut down. No heat = cold and misery.

Worse yet, water pipes may burst causing potentially thousands of dollars of damage.

This patented Frostfree Venting device transfers the residual heat to the vent pipe, thus preventing the buildup of ice or frost, keeping the vent open so exhaust gases may pass through unimpeded!



Your appliance exhaust gases are hot, 140-150F for furnace and 190F for boilers.

There is moisture in those gases.

Your PVC exhaust pipe is not a good insulator or conductor of heat!

So, by the time the exhaust gases reach the end of your PVC pipe, it does not have enough heat to melt the ice forming in -30C weather. Ice builds up slowly with the pipe and then a blockage occurs.

The FFV device channels the heat of the exhaust gases with little heat loss. What remains is sufficient heat to keep the PVC pipe clear of any frost or ice. The FFV device conducts heat 1,350 x better than PVC pipe.

The design of the #250-OP FFV device eliminates any possibility of icing on the exhaust vent keeping the appliance operating in ambient temperatures up to -65 degrees Celsius.

For more information please download the Frostfree Re-direction Fitting PDF.


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